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Our Policies

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism. Our policies are designed to ensure transparency, trust, and consistency in all our interactions with clients. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our key policies.

Kindly be aware that our estimated turnaround times are subject to change. They may increase or decrease based on our current workload. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from booking our services with strict deadlines, as this can potentially lead to inconveniences for both parties. Please be aware that the provided time frame is purely an estimate.

Should you require an expedited order with a specific deadline, we recommend opting for our Quick Turnaround plan (additional fees apply). It’s important to note that the clock for your project’s turnaround time begins counting down two business days after we have received and reviewed your completed questionnaire.




Teepsy-Tech Ventures is in a continuous state of growth and expansion, resulting in a significant volume of daily emails, direct messages, and text messages. While we are committed to maintaining communication and keeping you informed throughout the project’s progress, we kindly request your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

We aim to provide updates as our workflow permits. This means that we will proactively email you when necessary. However, it is important to note that we are unable to commit to daily updates on your order. If you find the need to provide additional information, please do so by emailing us at In case of urgent matters, you may contact our customer service line via call or WhatsApp at +234-706-846-2337.

Please be informed that all sales with Teepsy-Tech Ventures are considered final. We maintain a strict no-refund policy, with exceptions only in cases where the fault lies solely with our organization. Therefore, it is essential to understand that once a purchase is made, no refunds will be issued. If a client chooses to cancel their order independently, regrettably, we will be unable to process a refund.

Drafts and  Revisions: Draft images, in any form, are intended solely for the purpose of client approval. They must not be replicated, altered, or shared with any individual or entity other than Black and White Graphics and the respective client. Unauthorized reproduction, manipulation, or distribution of these drafts without our explicit permission will result in legal action. All draft materials remain the exclusive property of Teepsy-Tech Ventures.

Revisions: Except for premade designs, our services encompass up to three revisions, which encompass adjustments such as font changes, color modifications, resizing, and layout refinements. In the event that a client remains dissatisfied and requires further revisions, there will be an additional fee per revision at the client’s request.

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